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BOSS Revolution Pinless - International calling and Money Transfer

Boss Revolution can save you money by providing you with competitive international rates at no additional fee.

In this post I will preview all the BOSS Revolution service from a customers point of view, I have also dedicated a post particularly for retailers. Also, if you need help feel free to drop us a message. We provide support for retailers and customers alike

BOSS Revolution Pinless

BOSS Revolution Pinless allows you to add minutes to your phone and use it to call anywhere in the world.

Get a free trial and experience pin-less dialing, competitive rates, and superior voice quality with no hidden fees. Your airtime will never expire, so you can use your minutes at your own paste.

There is no better way to put this feature to the test than by getting a free trial. Enter your number below to get free minutes to call anywhere in the world. Get up to $2 free to try BOSS Revolution!

Use BOSS Revolution from any phone whether it is a cell phone, tablet, or land line; you can access your account and start making calls from up to 10 different devices. Go online and view your calling history or set up auto recharge to automatically replenish your account when it falls below a certain amount. Download the mobile App to access your account quick and hassle free.

To place an international call with BOSS Revolution all you have to do is dial this access number, and when prompted, dial the number you wish to call. You can use the toll free access number above, but to get better rates use the one that will be sent to your phone via text message.

How to choose the right access number? Did you know, you can get better rates by choosing the right access number to place your call? You can use any Boss Revolution access number to place a call, but to get the best rates it is advised to choose the one designated to your area. To do this just select your city name from the drop down menu; If your city is not listed select the nearest surrounding city.

Money Transfer

BOSS Revolution customers can now transfer money overseas simply and conveniently.

Sending money from the US overseas using BOSS Revolution Money Transfer makes receiving it hassle free. Friends and family overseas can receive transaction without having a bank account or credit card, and the availability of funds is within minutes. Funds can be received at a participating retail store, a bank, or home delivery in the form of either cash or direct despot. Pick up stations are available in Latin America and quickly expanding to Africa and the other targeted continents.

On each transfer, BOSS Revolution customers get a free international call to notify the recipient of the transfer. To learn more visit a BOSS Revolution participating retailer or call toll free

CALL ME (International local number)

BOSS Revolution CALL ME is a new international feature that enables callers in the US to have a local number in their homeland country. Not only is this feature inexpensive but also very handy for someone who calls overseas frequently.

When you subscribe to CALL ME, you get a dedicated international local number. People abroad who have your international number can call you the same way they call a local number. Calls are unlimited with flat rates and also non-contract, so you don’t have to commit to a long term agreement and can cancel at any time.

CALL ME does not use an internet connection; therefore, you do not need to have an internet data plan to use it. With so many convincing reasons to start using CALL ME; availability is only in selected countries and cities around the globe.

To get more information about this feature visit a BOSS Revolution retailer or call BOSS Revolution Toll free at 1800-308-9931

Referal Program

Wouldn’t it be great to always have free minutes? If you are already using BOSS Revolution then you should definitely take advantage of the referral program. By referring new client you can earn 10% on every top up they make. Get your referral code by logging into your account and share it on social media sites to easily get new referrals.

International Top Up

International Mobile Top Up allows you to add minutes to phone numbers of friends and family outside the US. Many service providers are accepted such as Tigo, Telcel, Movistar and many more. Usually, a free trial is available with every carrier, so you can try before you buy

Bill Payment and Domestic Top Up

BOSS Revolution doesnt just offer international service. Customers can pay their utility and cell phone bills at a participating retailer

BOSS Revolution Retailers Sing Up

Retailers have access to many services powered by BR Pin-less. Read more about BOSS Revolution retailers and how to sing up