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Low Rates to Call International

Boss Revolution international top up

Boss Revolution has you covered when calling international. With incredibly low rates and clear voice quality, Boss Revolution connects millions of user internationally.
Rates to Mexico start at just 1.5¢ per minute.


  • No Pins
  • No Fees
  • Minutes Never Expire

    How it Works

  1. Sign up for Boss Revolution and get a $1 free credit to call anywhere in the word.
  2. Connect up to 10 phones to your account so you can access your minutes from your cell phone, home phone, or work.
  3. Use your access number to place calls.
  4. Recharge your account online, over the phone, using the mobile app, or at a participating retail location.

$5 Unlimited International Calling Plan

You never have to worry about running out of minutes or paying too much. Now with the Boss Revolution $5 calling plan, you can call all over the world.


  • Call as much as you would like
  • Only $5 for a period of 30 days
  • Cancel any time. No contract
    How it Works

  1. Check if your calling destination is available with this plan.
  2. Sign up for this service. If your an existing customer, just login to your account and select the 30 day plan.
  3. Love this plan? Turn on auto renew.

Make unlimited calls to over 50 countries and cell phones in more than 25 destinations. Call any phone in Mexico!

Online Money Transfer

Use Boss Revolution to send money to family and friends around the globe starting at $3.99. Start sending Money with Boss Revolution and get your first transaction of up to $300 free of charge.


  • Get alert notifications on the status of your transaction by SMS or email.
  • Option to can make a free international call to let the recipient know you have sent them money.
  • Make a money transfer form your mobile phone, computer, or at any Boss Revolution participating retail location.
  • Payment options include bank account, credit card, debit card, or cash.
  • Choose the best method for your recipient to receive the money: cash pick up, home delivery, or bank deposit.

Boss Revolution Money Transfer is available in over 40 countries including Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Boss Revolution Money transfer is safe, secure, and has great low transfer rates.

International Mobile Top Up

A simple way to add funds to phones of friends and family out side the USA.

This service is available online, mobile app, or at any Boss Revolution retail location.

    How it Works

  1. Choose your carrier. Choose the carrier your recipient is subscribed with; for example, Tigo, Telcel, Claro, Movistar…
  2. Enter the recipients international number or provide it to the clerk. Start with the country code, area code, and finally the phone number.
  3. Choose a top up amount from the available options

That’s it! The transfer will be instant.

If this will be your first time topping up an international phone number, ask the clerk if a free trial is available.

Domestic Mobile Top Up

Boss Revolution makes it easy to top up your USA based prepaid mobile phone number.
With Boss Revolution Mobile Top Up, you can pay most prepaid and contract bills online or at a retail location.

    How it Works

  1. Choose your carrier. Whether prepaid or postpaid
  2. Enter the U.S. mobile number you would like to top up
  3. Choose the amount you would like to top up based on your plan


Boss Revolution E-Gift allows you to send an online gift card to anyone. Choose from a range of popular merchants such Foot Locker, Domino’s, Facebook, Applebee’s, GameStop, Olive garden, and much more.

    The Prefect Gift

  • No Fees
  • Instant Delivery
  • Many Merchants to Choose from
    How it Works

  1. Choose the e-gift card that you want to send
  2. Select the amount you would like to add to the gift card
  3. Choose how the recipient receives the gift card

Available at any Boss Revolution retail store.

* available options are: SMS or email.

Call Me

With a flat rate, Boss Revolution’s Call Me service allows you to purchase a local phone number from your country. When someone calls you from that country to the U.S., it will be as if they are dialing a local number and they will only pay a local calling rate rather than international rate.


  • Pay a flat monthly rate
  • No contract. Cancel anytime.
  • Receive unlimited calls from back home
    How it Works

  1. Select the country and city you want a local number from
  2. Choose the U.S. number that will be linked to your international local number.
  3. Share your international local number and start receiving calls.

Call me is available in 17 countries.

International eGifts

Send your loved ones abroad a gift card from many popular merchants in their country or send them a care package.

Available at participating Boss Resolution Retailers.
Boss Revolution International eGift is available the the following countries
More countries are being added.


Available merchants: farmtodo | Chedrau | Devlyn | Coppel | Offic Depot

    How it works

  1. Select the merchant and the amount of the gift card
  2. The recipient will receive an electronic gift card via SMS or email.
  3. The recipient can use the gift card to make purchases using their unique PIN

* eGfits have no expiration and they start at only $2.50.


For Haiti you can send your loved ones everyday supplies.

Available Care gifts are: food baskets, solar maps, propane stoves, or cell phones.

Delivery takes 72 hours.


For Guatemala recipients, you can recharge their Claro Satellite TV. Packages start at $14 per month and include 55 channels. You can also purchase a 6 month service plan.

Bill Pay

Pay your bills fast at any Boss Revolution participating retail location.


  • Pay in cash
  • Choose next day or third day processing time
  • Pay cable, internet, phone, cellular, credit cards, utilities, and much more.

Virtual Visa

Get a Boss Revolution virtual Visa debit card for your everyday purchases.


  • Secure
  • No credit check
  • Non re-loadable
  • No bank accounts
  • See account history
    How it works

  1. Purchase a Visa card at any Boss Revolution participating retailer.
  2. Provide your information to the retailer
  3. Choose the amount you want to add to the Visa card.
  4. If your buying this for someone other than your self, the account information will be sent to them via SMS or email.

*There is a $1.95 processing fee for obtaining a Boss Revolution virtual Visa.

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